Jada Biz-Risk Limited has opened its shop in Ngong Market. Under the leadership of Patrick Mugo, the shop sells electrical equipment and Paper supplies. Jada Biz-Risk continues to offer Biometric Equipment - Clocks and CCTV installation services.

Consumer Spending Index

Consumers were optimistic in October, spending 10% more than they did in September. People were getting ready for National Examinations and also stocking up in readiness for school holidays. Food consumption is likely to increase during the months of November and December due to the holidays. However, Kopacredit Analysts expect a 5% drop in new consumer spending in November. This is because households will continue to use up stock purchased in October.

Housing Market Behavior

Tenants choices have become limited in Ngong even though the housing market has increased. Bedsitters have increased and landlords have increased rent, thus limiting choices for tenants looking for a One Bedroom + apartment. Colleges in the area have been largely responsible for the increase in demand for bedsitters. However, landlords have opted to increase rent to cover for the high repair costs when students occupy apartments.

November 2018

BUSINESSES FACE-OFF with Low Customer volumes due to Road construction at the Ngong Market. Poor road conditions and rain has reduced the flow of customers to Ngong Market. The world bank team that is building the Road at Ngong Market is expected to complete the road in December 2018

September 2018

POLITICS & DEVELOPMENT DO NOT MIX. Tustles have stalled development in the Ngong Market area. Business communities have become frustrated by the stalled construction of water ways in the area.

August 2018

JITTERS AS MARKET SHUT DOWN LOOMS. Charcoal stalls and several shops destroyed and removed as new road construction begins around Ngong Market

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